Our ethics

Management and staff of GSL undertake to carry out their work in an ethical, collegial environment and perform their duties with efficiency, fairness, impartiality and will actively demonstrate this through:

A: Collegiality:
Openness and respect
Being open with each other and open in our thinking
Saying what we believe and doing it in a constructive and respectful manner
Engaging with diverse cultural and Indigenous perspectives and embracing diversity in culture

B: Collaboration and trust:
Working as a team, drawing on combined strengths to meet our shared goals
Trusting our colleagues to challenge us in a positive manner, and supporting each other
Engaging with our local communities and service providers

C: Integrity:
Honesty and ethical behaviour
Being truthful in all our dealings
Acting consistently with what is said and the principles held
Pursuing practices that develop the social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability of our organisation and local communities
Advancing human rights and our commitment to providing opportunities for clients and staff in an inclusive, culturally safe environment

D: Drive and accountability
Striving to ensure GSL’s ongoing success
Having the drive and commitment to innovate based on ongoing research and analysis
Being accountable for our individual and collective actions and for the performance of those we lead.