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Gaming Programs

Our gaming programs are a fun, safe, and welcoming environment where gamers can socialise and enjoy their favorite games.

Our programs are designed to promote positive social interactions, creativity, and imagination through popular social and fantasy based games.

What We Offer

Epic Role-Playing Events

Dive into exciting storylines and become a hero in our immersive role-playing games. Our events encourage creativity and teamwork, helping participants develop their storytelling skills while making new friends.

Small Group Sessions

We keep our group sessions small to ensure everyone gets the attention they need. This approach fosters stronger connections among participants, making it easier to form lasting friendships and improve gaming skills.

In-Person Gatherings

We believe in the power of face-to-face interactions. Our in-person gatherings provide a unique opportunity for gamers to bond, share experiences, and collaborate on thrilling adventures.

Safe & Positive Environment

Safety is our top priority. We provide a secure space where young gamers can enjoy their favorite activities without any worries. Our staff are trained to ensure a supportive and respectful atmosphere for all participants.

Why Choose Us

  • Guidance: Our team is passionate about gaming and focused on the skills development of our participants through gaming.
  • Community Building: We focus on creating a tight-knit community where everyone feels welcome.
  • Skill Development: Our programs are designed to build creativity, problem-solving, and social skills.

Available Programs

Campaigns and One Shots

  • In Minecraft, you’ll have near-limitless freedom to build and create, allowing you to express yourself artistically and imaginatively.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons you can explore your own narratives and ideas through storytelling, character creation, and problem-solving.

Esports Coaching

  • Through Overwatch, you’ll learn the art of productive teamwork while being coached on the basics of gameplay, character abilities, and strategy.

Special Events

  • An exciting series of themed events designed to ignite your creativity and immerse you in the imaginative and creative world of RPGs.

More Information


Our program offers more than just game time. We provide a structured environment where your child can develop social skills, creativity, and teamwork. Unlike solo gaming at home, our sessions emphasize positive social interactions, collaboration, and real-world connections, helping to build valuable life skills.

Our programs are designed into age ranges for young gamers. We tailor activities to suit different age groups and skill levels, ensuring everyone has a great time.

Our activities are designed to enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication. Through role-playing and social games, participants use language and text to express their ideas and feelings, improving their vocabulary, literacy, and overall language skills.

Safety is our top priority. All our sessions are supervised by trained staff members who ensure a respectful and supportive environment. We also conduct background checks on all staff and follow strict safety protocols.

We play a variety of popular social and fantasy-based games that are age-appropriate and engaging. Our selection includes both digital games and tabletop role-playing games that encourage creativity and teamwork.

We hold four 12 week campaigns per year for each game. We also offer monthly one shots and special events throughout the year.

Our sessions take place at Factory 17 Trader’s Lane Manunda. This is a fitted out industrial shed that is spacious and safe for participants. We prioritize in-person gatherings to foster real-world connections.

Our programs are designed to cultivate friendships and encourage social interactions. Participants engage in activities that promote greetings, sharing, turn-taking, and cooperative behaviors, helping them build and strengthen their social skills.

Our staff is trained to manage conflicts and ensure a positive environment. We have clear guidelines and rules to promote respectful behavior. Any issues are addressed promptly to maintain a supportive atmosphere, teaching participants valuable conflict resolution skills.

Yes, parents are welcome to observe sessions. We believe in transparency and encourage parents to see firsthand how our program benefits their children.

We tailor our activities to suit different skill levels, ensuring that both beginners and experienced gamers have an enjoyable and challenging experience. Our small group sizes allow us to provide personalised attention to each participant.

Yes, we offer introductory sessions so your child can experience our program before committing. Please check our website page on the game of your child’s preference or contact us for more details on booking a session.

We strive to make our programs enjoyable for all participants. However, if your child does not enjoy the program, please let us know, and we will work with you either to address any concerns or cancel enrolment.

Our games and activities are designed to require teamwork and collective problem-solving. Participants work together to achieve shared objectives, learning the importance of cooperation and collaboration.

Our role-playing and social games encourage innovative problem-solving and creative expression. Participants explore different characters and scenarios, which stimulates their imagination and creativity.

Through role-playing and social interactions, children  and young people learn to understand and articulate their emotions, resolve conflicts, and enhance their problem-solving abilities. This promotes emotional development and helps them build stronger emotional intelligence.

Our engaging activities are designed to capture and hold participants’ attention. By involving them in collaborative tasks and adventures, we help foster their ability to focus on tasks and maintain attention during activities.

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