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Lifelong Learning

Become an adult learner with our Lifelong Learning course.

Become an  adult learner

Are you a school leaver, have a disability and learn in a different way?

Do you want to...

  • Get a job by improving your literacy or numeracy

  • Enrol in a course for the first time or study

  • fill out forms – in print and online

  • do your own banking

  • read books for fun, or newspapers or social media

  • obtain a driver’s licence

Enrol now in one of our 12-week adulting courses starting in January and you’ll be on the way to learning these great skills!

Course Details

3 hour sessions, available up to 5 days a week over a 12 week semester

This course offers a safe learning environment and uses technologies so course participants can expand their functional literacy and numeracy skills and look to applying their learning in the real world. It will stretch course participants and offer inspiration, practical application and confidence as an adult learner.

Who's it for?

This course is aimed at young adults aged 17-20 years, who:
• Have a learning disability or difficulties that may be attributed to a mental health, developmental, cognitive or autism spectrum disorder
• Want to continue learning functional academics and apply their learning in the real world

What To Expect

Every session will follow the same structure:

20 mins ·       Settle in, catch up and share news
·       Group warm-up activity
·       Talk about the goals and activities for this session
·       Allocate jobs for pack up time
·       Complete sign-in form
1 hour Activity 1
20 min Break
1 hour Activity 2
20 mins ·       Recap on the session’s activities
·       Work together to pack up the space
·       Complete sign-out sheet

Where To Go

Our Learning Hub is located at:

17 Traders Lane, McCormack St Manunda QLD 4870

Course Content

Course resources includes provision of virtual reality headsets to continue developing literacy and numeracy skills, laptops for continued development of computer skills and access to a driving simulator to practice driving and road safety.
• IXL online learning
• Learner driver practice test
• Math and English games
• Practicing computer skills
• Online safety
• Typing practice
• Money calculations


Semester Fee (12 weeks) 1 session/wk $850.44
2 sessions/wk $1,700.88
3 sessions/wk $2,551.32
4 sessions/wk $3,401.76
5 sessions/wk $4,252.20

Note: course fees do not include groceries for any cooking sessions.

For NDIS Participants, this course is a ‘Program of Support’ in the Development of Daily Living and Life Skills Category.

Item Name Rate
Skills Development and Training $70.87

Dates and Times

The course operates 9:00 – 12:00 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) over a semester.

Course participants can choose how many days per week they want to attend.
Join any time in a semester and complete your remaining weeks in the following semester.

Make a day of it!

Most course participants are also choosing morning courses so they can stay for the day.

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