GSL Host Provider plays a very important role in connecting you to local services and resources, as well as getting you ready to participate in the NDIS. We have an experienced team ready to assist:

Facilitators who are provisional psychologists – within the team we have two psychologists with young families of their own (a quality which some families may value). Our psychologists have skills beyond standard case management and want to be there for you so you can learn and become confident in self managing and directing your supports.

The administration team who include GSL’s Practice Manager, for HR matters, and book keeper for financial matters. Our team has a skill mix that means you can ask questions, seek advice, and then make administrative decisions about the use of your funds, with confidence.

The steps our Host Provider service follows are:

1. Establishment
Your Facilitator will talk with you about how much you want to control and direct the use of your funds, and what you want GSL to do. This is a one-off conversation. It’s good to know who is doing what so we can get on with what Your Life Your Choice is all about.

This is the time to talk about whether you think you would like to employ or contract people directly to provide support.

2. Setting goals to make a plan
This happens regularly with your Facilitator. The first time you might want a little extra guidance and support from your Facilitator. As you become familiar with working out your goals this step gets easier and easier.

3. Using your plan to meet your goals
Your Facilitator will be there for you to rely on, if you want assistance with developing a plan that combines the types of services you can use, and the resources and equipment you can purchase with your funds, to meet your goals.

4. Making sure your plan stays on track
This is the important step – keeping on top of what is happening, the amounts being spent and what difference it is making towards your goals.

In this step your Facilitator and admin team are available to chat about anything in your plan, from ordering a particular piece of equipment, to setting up an employment contract or finding out about services. In line with the NDIS portal, we have a ‘Value Portal’ for you to access online to view income and expenditure against your plan at any time.

5. Checking value of the last plan and preparing to make the next
This happens as a plan is due to expire. It involves thinking about the progress made towards your goals, against the expense. Your Facilitator will talk with you about value as you evaluate the last plan, and make a new one. Contact us on 4031 0123 to find out more about how GSL Host Provider service supports you to turn plans into action.

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