Our range of supported living options may mean we are needed for a short period or an ongoing basis. It may also mean we provide support in someone's home, or a place we provide. We are flexible around all these details. Our focus is on the place a person calls home is safe and shared with people who care. Relationships are just as important as a roof.

Each model of support is custom designed around the needs and circumstances of the individual and the goals they want to achieve.

Community Living
We offer drop-in or in-home support for young adults who live in their own home. This might be the right solution for you if you are living in your own home and need, or want, a little extra help around:

Learning personal care or domestic skills.

How to budget or manage money better.

Managing housing and tenancy arrangements.

Gaining confidence to travel independently.

Managing and attending appointments.

Being more involved in your local community.

This might also be the right option if you want to learn the skills you need to move out of home and live independently.

Short Breaks
We offer short term accommodation and support for children through to young adults who live home, and occasionally need a short break. This may be a planned regular arrangement, or can be put together very quickly in response to an emergency situation.

The focus of this option is to ensure everyone involved has a good break. A change is as good as a holiday, and in most planned arrangements we can design a 'holiday program' for the person coming with us. Cairns is the perfect location!

Accommodation Support
This option includes varying levels of support (up to 24/7) in our accommodation and is for children or young people who cannot live at home, or for young adults who need to live independently or want to move out.

This option is all about providing a safe and nurturing home, supporting each person's aspirations, instilling values of lifelong learning and vocational goals (irrespective of their age) and making sure there is a personal sense of connection to family and community.

Disability Funding
If you are currently in receipt of funding, or plan to self-fund support, and are interested in a custom designed option based on any of these models, just call GSL on 4031 0123. We can design a model together and a quote can be provided.

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